It's the digidelay and I've been trying just to mess around and find a decent delay, not anything long! Just a basic nice sounding delay for arpeggios and basic soloing. Any ideas what a good setting is?
Use the tap tempo function and tap to the tempo of the song. For a slow song you might want to tap to the down beats. For a fast song you might want to just tap every other beat. Repeats should be maybe two or three. Level should be just underneath the guitar's dry signal, not inaudible but not loud enough to mud up the signal. Use the modulated delay setting.

I have that delay. I like to use the Modulated delay (Setting 5) with one repeat, the level about half way and the time about about 1 o'clock.
they used to have settings on the digitech site. they're gone now but i have them saved.

try level 12 repeats 11 time 1 mode 2 for the solo delay

try level 1 repeats 11:30 time 12 mode 4 for the arpeggio one (not sure if that's what you mean by arpeggio but it's worth a try).

all settings are "o'clock" except for the mode setting.
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