These 2 are my main options for a new guitar right now, which do you think would be best?

Schecter Stealth C-1

Ibanez Iron Label RGIR20FE

- I am playing with a Fender Mustang II
- I like to play different styles of rock/metal
- My current guitar is a Squier Bullet Strat
My vote is for the Ibanez, I prefer the neck profiles and upper fret access due to the way they do their bolt on joints.

Those Iron Label series guitars are also pretty badass.
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It's MIK and the stock pickups are pretty a-ok.

The neck joint is nice and the neck shape overall is thin, but comfy.

Not Ibanez thin.

Also, the Iron Label series has had a lot of QC issues overall. Mine came out pretty well, but many people have had lemons with the Iron Labels.
Used ibanez prestige. You can probably get one for around $500 used if you are patient. I even got one for $380.
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I owned one of that exact model of Ibanez for a few days. (It was used and not in very good condition sadly or I'd have kept it. I returned it because the shipper had lied about condition.) It's an amazing guitar at it's price. I'll recommend it to anyone. Sounds great, looks great, feels great, plays great. Go for it. Love it. It's thinner than the Schecter, and the body is just more comfortable for me personally to play because of the flatter shape along with the elbow cutaway. The neck is very similar in finish to a Fender MiM strat, but a little "faster". The finish combined with "nitro wizard" shape of the neck combines for a very fast and comfortable neck to play on. Also the frets are huge so that's always a plus in my book. And the bridge! Oh that bridge is wonderful. Palm mutes for days, because it's so flat. my favorite hard tail bridge I've ever played. Basically. I need to own one permanently myself. But I'll keep recommending them to other people, cause they're flat out amazing. Only downside imo is a lack of tone control so the tone is basically always maxed. Perfect for metal.=D But cleans are always just a little brighter than I prefer. But that's why you buy more guitars later.
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