Does anyone know a website that has cool chord progressions in tab??
could you send me a link??
Get the book the Guitar Grimoire: Progressions and Improvisation. You're welcome.

Do I need to go on?
If you have never checked out the Wood Brothers. Do yourself a favor and look them up. Best. Band. Ever.

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Get the book the Guitar Grimoire: Progressions and Improvisation. You're welcome.

thanks you guys
E, E6, B, A

Just a different take on the standard I IV V, and still really easy to play. The E6 is the same fingering as the open E, but with your pinky holding down the 2nd fret on the B string.

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Listen to music. That's where you find cool chord progressions. Maybe listen to some stuff that you are not that familiar with.

May I suggest Stevie Wonder. I think he has some cool chord progressions, but I don't know what you regard as a cool chord progression so I can't really answer. Or maybe check out Steve Vai. Well, you may be familiar with their music. But whatever, here are two songs that I think have some cool harmonies.


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Try this, it's easy and kinda different

G Em D G Bm A G G

It also sounds cool to go

G Em D G Bm A D G
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