The late Philip Seymour Hoffman and Meryl Streep not to mention the character actor the black lady who was in one scene all gave absolutely monumental astounding performances. The dialogue was perfect intelligent well written. This story was incredible. The cinematography and attention to detail was extremely well done. It gave you the feeling that you were actually there at a Catholic school and church in the 60s. (I'm not a Catholic but I had friends who were and hung out at those places in that time period and it looked JUST like it) you could almost smell the place.

Doubt was the name of the movie. What a waste about Hoffman ,he was most powerful and brilliant.

I've seen the movie three times now I'll probably never watch it again. Definitely on my top 10 movies of all Time list.

Mods: you can delete this if you want because it's not in the movie thread and I won't mind but I felt the need to post this because that movie blew me away.

It left you wondering was Hoffman really a bad guy? Was Meryl Streep really the villain? I think Hoffman was the good guy and Streep was the bad guy but it left an element of, doubt.
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