Hey guys- I haven't done a NGD in awhile- this is some recording gear that Ive accumulated over the past year, some of it thanks to working plenty of overtime and also through the generosity of my sweet gf. Hopefully this helps some people in making some budget conscious decisions in the future, or at least gives you something to fap to. Lets begin:

First thing I wanted to share is this Seismic Audio 10in active sub-woofer

Its incredibly affordable compared to most sub-woofers and has a pretty good frequency response. The aesthetics are nice because it matches the KrK 5s that I own. The reason I purchased it was because I noticed I was having some major issues getting the low end right in my mixes, particularly the bass guitar. I was constantly having bass that was uneven, too loud, jumping all over the place. Even with the sub, I still find mixing the low end really challenging; however, my mixes dont seem to have wild bass anymore. If anything, my mixes have been a little cleaner, thinner than before. I can usually mix until it sounds good with the sub, and then add 1 db or 2 db lows in mastering and the bass will be pretty solid. I think my problem is that I don't exactly know how to calibrate it with my KRKs yet so the whole spectrum is flat (everything above the bass frequency range always seems to translate really well though).

I've never had a chance to BLAST it to hear it really bump, and I have a limited experience w/ subwoofers (especially in a mixing sense). But I think it was a worthy purchase.

Next up are my Sony MDR-7506 headphones-

They are comfortable, seem pretty durable and have plenty of volume. However, I find them tricky the use beyond being great for tracking and being just an extra reference. The headphones sound incredibly clear in the high-end and make your mixes sound very excited. This has led me to make some poor mixing decisions in the past, and has also ameliorated my low-end issues. They can be useful for balancing the guitars, vocals overheads, and top end of the bass guitar, but they don't seem to give a good representation of how your mix really sounds. Tracking wise, they are fantastic. Makes it easy to record guitar and vocals and have fun doing so. They aren't very good for enjoyment listening; while they are really clear and you can hear breaths, nuances and reverbs amazingly well, they simply do not have the low end to provide a very flattering sound. They can be a little fatiguing. I kind of wish I had a gotten a different set of headphones that would have been more reliable for straight up mixing that were within the same price range.

This is my brand new Shure SM7B mic

I am really liking it a lot so far. Up until now, I have used a Shure Beta57a for vocals (and other applications). I haven't directly compared the two yet. But the SM7B seems to have muchhh better noise isolation in my room and is just really focused sounding on the vocals, which is great. The frequency response just seems amazing and once I start tweaking in my DAW, I feel like I have all the information that I need and I can just cut as necessary. I read that many people were concerned about the amount of gain to drive it.. Ive found that my Babyface has been perfectly fine with about 15db to spare.

Here is a little demo that I did with it last night.. I probably should have picked a cleaner track; I didnt realize how much goddamn vocal processing Ben Burnley used on this song until I listened to the solo'd vocal track: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CbR_1PvAEuM
But I was really in the mood for a good hard rock song and the microphone provided me with a perfect platform to apply some crazy processing to

Thanks guys
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