sometimes I like things but sometimes I don't
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sometimes I like things but sometimes I don't

I figure most people here probably don't like bluegrass. That's alright (although it's great music). What I like is that an old bluegrass/gospel tune was converted to an eerie soundtrack for a modern, gruesome horror game. Very imaginative. It works very well.
This is the proper version of Ralph Stanleys Oh Death.
It's better without the music.

I don't care for that Until Dawn version but it's cool that people are trying.

Oh Death is 100s of years old at least so it's not like it's Ralph Stanleys song.
There isn't much about bluegrass that isn't recycled, even amongst itself. I say this as a person who's a bluegrass player, too.
I didn't know "Oh, Death" was hundreds of years old, I figured it was probably just based on a hillbilly gospel song.

How many kids and young folks are going to enjoy that music (when playing Until Dawn) and not realize it's an old hillbilly song in a different dress? Probably nearly all of them.