Hello. I recently came into possession of two identical 2012 MIA Fender Strats. One is black with a white pickguard, other is sunburst also with a white pickguard. They both have satin necks and one of them has a satin headstock while the other one has a glossed headstock.

What i wanted to know is are the headstocks purely a matter of preference? I live in a country without much of a decent guitar store so pretty much all they sell is fake replicas of popular guitars. I kind of have a feeling that the one with the non-gloss headstock is a fake replica. Because i have never seen a original Fender made Strat having a non-gloss headstock. Can anybody enlighten me on this?

They exist, that doesn't make it fake necessarily. Pics? Also, might want to check the serial number with Fenders site, they should have a way of dating it and maybe getting an idea for the model which you can cross reference with what would have been for a guitar of that year and model as compared to your guitar.
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Can you posts photos of the guitars and give us the serial numbers? That'd be really helpful.
Thanks for the reply guys. I'm currently at work so I'm unable to post pictures at the moment. However, i did bring their serial numbers with me. The sunburst one has US1209691.
The black one has US12308. (One with the satin headstock.)

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According the Fender site all US 2012 Stratocasters should be US12 + 6 digits. Neither of the serials you gave are like this. Maybe you missed a number on the one US12 09691?
Yeah if they are both 2012 models I'd assume that they at least have the same format for the serial, I honestly don't think we can do much without pics at this point. When we get those we ought to be able to decipher more.
I'm just a kickin' and a gougin' in the mud and the blood and the beer.