Im most likely getting an Epiphone Korina Flying V next week. Sort of decided to buy it on a whim. But.... I started thinking, if I like the shape and the wood a lot, it would be a cool project if I replaced the pickups, pots, switches, caps and maybe the bridge.

I'm not looking for anything crazy, just a good upgrade. No out of phase wiring or other fancy stuff, just quality components and a nice pair of pickups.

However, I'm not well versed in whatever goes with this stuff, so I thought I'd ask a couple of questions:

Quality pots, switches, caps: What manufacturers are the best? The most easily acquired?

What would be some common neck/bridge pickup combinations for something like this?

For comparison purposes I have guitars with Tim Shaw PAFs, Gibsons classic 57s, and a little hotter PUs on some Ibanezes such as the Air Norton and the ToneZone. I'm not sure how hot or not-hot I'd wanna go with this yet.

Thanks all.
CTS for pots is what everyone swears by , Bourns is good too. Bourns makes a lot of stuff for seymour duncan like the :
*Yngwie Malmsteen speed pot
*the seymour duncan liberator (solderless pickup system)
*and possibly the blackout modulator
make sure you get 500k pots , A500k volume (traditionally), B500k tone

push pulls
Alpha or Dimarzio, huh ..im gonna go dimarzio cause they got the cooler name , in all seriousness if I remember right CTS makes Dimarzio push pulls.

wire is wire in my opinion. 24 AWG is the gauge i recommend

copper shielding tape for more clarity is a good upgrade , it eliminates a lot of hum from the pickups , it's on ebay for 3$ a roll give or take. I recommend at least 3 meters worth so you can do two guitars. For copper shielding send me a private message if you're interested in it, pretty much on a telecaster (lets say) apply shielding tape to the control cavity , the pickup routings and have a blob of solder on each of the pickup routings , run a wire from pickup cavity to pickup cavity and solder the wire to any ground on the guitar.

switches, honestly I've never had any issues with the stock switches in guitars except for the really rock bottom cheap 3 way toggles that are box style , or the really cheap 3 way selectors. A standard epiphone one that isn't box style is fine by me.

easiest that everyone will recommend as it's a well balanced crowd pleaser is Orange drops by sprague (vishay to be technical)

mallory 150 capacitors really nice , as are USSR surplus for paper in oil capacitors on ebay. Those are three suggestions.

With tone capacitors 0.047 for humbuckers but if you want to get a little bigger or smaller go for it. the larger the capacitor value like 0.050 to 0.1uf capacitance range will provide you with more treble cut. with higher end tone capacitors like the three mentioned use heat sinks on them to make sure you don't break them. Also when wiring up the guitar use the 1950s way to retain treble as you turn down the volume. Gibsons wiring diagram can be implemented to just about anything with a bit of creativity.

pickups are pickups, a JB / Jazz set perhaps so you get hot high gained distortion and bright vintage sounds. This is why I split coils and do parallel wiring actually so i get all the sounds and swear by super hot pickups actually. But it's your guitar and youtube is your friend as suggesting pickups to a guitar none of us will play is like cooking food for a stranger that we know nothing about. Nothing wrong with used pickups on ebay either.

as for parts mentioned everything should be easy, maybe even one shopping spree on ebay. Avoid sprague capacitors from china.
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