I need a tabbing program for teaching/ planning out lesson's anyone know ones that are top of the line for both free and ones you can buy?

Guitar Pro 6 is what I use. There are free tab programs like Tuxguitar that are pretty good. The down side of it is that you only get a basic midi sound.
If you're not absolutely committed to tabs, but if you just want to learn or teach guitar tunes and riffs, you can try Jimi Tutor on Android.
I absolutely swear by Guitar Pro. I've used it since 4 and it's great for writing tabs out and producing a stupidly professional looking sheet of music! Obviously though that depends on teh amount of accuracy/details you put into it. I can't remember how much it costs but believe me it's worth EVERY penny. Especially if you wanna be taken seriously as a teacher.
I have been doing a lot of google searches and can't find a good program to write tabs using my Mac and or iOS please help
Guitar Pro 6 is available for Mac.

Failing that a simple notepad style app and create text tabs like found here on UG.
I like tux guitar, its free too which is awesome. With a free .dll file you can run gp files too.
For me i'm just using Mixcraft as i can listen to the song and play it at the same time.

It makes it more easy, also you can place notes and play the song and if the note does not match up with the song then you know it is not the right note.

Also if you play the song and have the right note then it makes it match up with the song so then you know that it is the right note as it sounds good with the real song.