As a general rule, should volume lots be audio taper while tone lots are linear? What about push pull pots? Depends on the function?

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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
depends on the function , honestly I like linear in both positions. The big difference is and this is without any mods or special wirings, just say a basic volume , tone and switch.

10 is 10 on them , 0 is 0 it's just getting to those points is a slightly different sound. Most Ibanez I've worked on have had B500k volumes thankfully.

*an A500k (lets say) when you turn it down to 0% swells which is undesirable in a tone pot. But for a volume this can be great.

*a B500k (lets say) pot is smooth and holds onto the sound better 10 to 0, they are great if you practice late at night or have neighbors who can't wait to complain.

if you keep everything at 10 and never touch the volume honestly go with whatever is cheapest. My opinion you can get every sound out of either pot just a linear is more predictable.

this is what a lot of guys do actually using audio taper pots to combat the swelling issue
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Thanks. I was looking at pots at stewmack and it appears that all they offer is audio taper. Seems odd.
it really is silly on stewmacs behalf, allparts or guitarelectronics.com are two suggestions, not sure how competitive their prices are but they are reputable suppliers if you go by brand name. Allparts does sell cheap chinese stuff too.

But honestly nothing wrong with ebay, just avoid the chinese sellers boasting about high end parts, i've seen from fake grovers to fake emg pickups on DHGate. Local guitar shops tend to have a supply of ; or at least a supplier for the pots you're after. My local parts supplier takes a 10% down payment, oddly enough one time I had to get some screws for the back of a locking nut for a floyd rose i forget the technical name but google an Ibanez RG350 or similar that have the screws in the back of the neck... anyways why i bring this up is I had to put a 10% down payment on a 1$ item... amazing right?

but back to business
brands I recommend are CTS , bourns, dimarzio , alpha
of course resistance for the volume is all that matters besides letter, if its 500k stick to 500k.

if you plan to switch pickups a lot I suggest the seymour duncan liberator system. double check and see if it'll fit your guitar. it's a solderless pickup changing system that uses screw in terminals.
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Quote by columbiar
Thanks. I was looking at pots at stewmack and it appears that all they offer is audio taper. Seems odd.
"Audio taper", can also be referred to as "log (logarithmic) taper)". What it actually does, is make the volume go in in a linear fashion. I know, I know, it's counter-intuitive but, the DB scale isn't linear, it's logarithmic as well.

Using a log (audio) taper pot on a tone circuit will cut tone on a logarithmic curve.

It's silly and bass-ackwards, but that's how it works.

Using an audio taper pot in a passive circuit shouldn't matter that much

In an amplifier volume control circuit, the volume pots often have a "tap" on them. What exactly that does, I honestly forget. (Say to volume pot is 1 meg ohm, the tap is at 600K ohms. once the slider of the pot moves past the 600K point, the toap loses its effect. (IIRD).

EDIT: I just remembered what the taps on the volume controls pots are for, loudness compensation. Since guitar amps don't have a "loudness button", it's sort of a moot point here.
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