Hallo, guys! I received an offer to get Behringer UCA222 interface really cheap from a guy I know so I wonder is it worth it. Now I connect my guitar to my two Digitech Pedals (Metal Master and Digiverb) through their MIXER outputs and then everything goes to PC's line-in with just a 6.3 to 3.5 connector. The result is ok for demos but I wonder would the Behringer Interface improve my sound. I did a research so I know exactly what kind of cables I need to connect all the chain (3.5 to RCA and 6.3 to RCA etc) because the Behringer only has RCA input and output. So, my questions are: Would the Behringer improve my tone or the sound itself will remain the same but with unwanted latency? Is it worth to buy this stuff or the result will be like what I'm doing now through the MIXER outputs directly to the line in? Do I really need a mixer to connect the interface to it or the pedals would do the job instead of separate mixer?

I created some images for easier understanding so it would be easier for you to help me. If there are any problems with loading the images, tell me.

What I do now: https://www.dropbox.com/s/f5629ibtwee0e2z/Before.JPG?dl=0

What I PLAN to do after some time: https://www.dropbox.com/s/qd37wiv12z91eqh/After.JPG?dl=0
Anything with Behringer written on it is normally not worth it.

However, you are currently using the worst possible method of connecting to your PC so things can't get worse.

The best thing you could do is to read the stickies.
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I have the Bahringer U-phoria UMC 22. It works wonder! I use it mostly for educational purposes, not professionally. I'm very satisfied with the quality. If you have Guitar Rig, Reaper and Audacity you can record easily and without disturbing anyone in the building.
OP, you can get a Behringer UCG102 clone on ebay for like $10. They'll be as good as the method you're trying to use.

Honestly, software amps are OK, and fun to use even through a cheap interface.

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I bought one of these and I am waiting it but I am not sure that it will do the job because of the price. Don't really trust it. And advices abot interfaces over 30$ are useless since I am broken as fvck like I always have been. Anyway, I'll see what the little toy will do when arrive... If arrive.
You really shouldn't record with unbalanced RCA or line-in as you will have unwanted latency and noise. Under a hundred bucks you can get a real interface with next-to-zero latency and low noise.
I use the Behringer as a small interface between my Dell laptop and my mixer to drive the output of my midi sounds. Using it cuts the 60 cycle hum that my Dell seems to output if you try going out from the headphone output to the mixer. The sound card in the USB Behringer reproduces the sounds of my internal Roland VSC (Virtual Sound Canvas). It's very cheap and does that job well. I have never used it to record, just strickly as a playback sound car out to the mixer on live gigs. I carry several with me as backups but in all honesty I have never needed to replace one. I use to carry a Lexicon Alpha for this task but the Behringer works just as well and is very small and portable as a USB sound card.
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Be cautious about the rhetoric you inevitably come across regarding Behringer products.

I have outgrown most of the Behringer gear I have owned, but still have a few pieces. There have been very few disappointments. For the price - even at two to three times the price - you can't really beat their stuff. Of course you can beat it rather handily... if you're prepared to pay for it.

I still have the ADA8000 that I use for extra pres when I run out of inputs when tracking a band. I've had it for a couple years or so now and has never failed me. The pres are very usable.

I used to have a little mixer - the UB802. I liked it enough that I upgraded to the 2442FX PRO that I used for a few years too. The little mixer never failed me once. The bigger one had a channel die a couple days after I brought it home. I brought it back to the store, and since I had already registered it, they gave me a loaner while they sent mine out for repair. It came back fixed and worked just fine ever since.

I have a DI120 that is annoyingly noisy. It is okay for live stuff, but I'd sooner cut my hands off than use it on a recording.

I have the ECM8000 measurement mics - used them for years with no issues.

I used to have the V-Amp 2 and used it live for a while. No problem at all with the unit, except I played a venue with dodgy power and it kept re-booting on me. While it did so, my sound cut out for about 8 seconds numerous times throughout the set. Never again. But that's not a Behringer issue.

I also have the headphone amp - a pair of them actually - that is fine. I had a compressor. While entirely unremarkable, it worked well enough and never failed me. It even had a side-chain which was a nice touch.

I say, if it gets you in the door, go for it. Be careful with it - just like you would with anything expensive, and it should be fine.

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I agree completely with axemanchris. I have owned lots of Behringer stuff over the years and none of it has failed me. The price in most some cases is so much less than the same unit that they cloned it's well worth it. I currently use the Behinger Xenyx USB2222 mixer for gigs and it works great after almost two years of use and no problems. For pros who travel and need more roadworthy equipment that might take a beating I understand, but I'm mostly doing regular clubs gigs and the stuff just works and sounds good.

I can only relate my own experiences with Behringer gear and it's been good.
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I would say that the Behringer UCA222 is not ideal for guitar recording, although it will probably give a little bump in your quality since you're going through a mixer.
They have never interfaces that are also very cheap (under $100):

[url="http://www.zzounds.com/prodsearch?cat=2424&price[0"]=%240+-+%2424&price[1]=%2425+-+%2449&price[2]=%2450+-+%2474&price[3]=%2475+-+%2499&ob=pop&pa=31&form=search&key=cat]interfaces under $100

The UMC22 seems more suited to what you need, there are several other options under $100, even the Lexicon at $50 will be better, but I'd rather point you towards the PreSonus and Focusrite.
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