I've just been given a couple of guitars, one is an Ibanez RG series and the other is a
"Shine" guitar. Try as I might I can find out absolutely nothing about it, ie: model and the "specs" for it, I've even contacted Saein in Korea that made it but, I've been told that the factory has closed down. I've also contacted "CHASE" who apparently bought up all the remaining Korean stock and they couldn't help either.
So guys, I'm hoping one of you out there can help.

Shine did cheap copies of famous guitars. Having said that, despite their price, some of the copies were very good. I think they also produced a few mid-range guitars, which possibly the one in the photo is.
I saw a few shine guitars in a local music shop (Curly's in Liverpool City Centre) a few years back but never played one but they looked half decent. Maybe drop Curly a message and see if they can give you any leads. Www.curlymusic.com
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^ yeah some shops sold them here. I never tried one, though. There might be some threads on the fretboard forum (basically the old musicradar forum) of people buying them up when they were blown out.
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