Hi guys,

I picked up an LP100 and a Mustang I last month to learn guitar. Having a problem with the amp that started this morning and the instructions are nonexistent. I turned the amp on and it's making a chirping sound. Mod and dly/rev are both turned to off. The tap button blinks green and I can change the frequency of the chirping by pressing the button faster, but I can't turn it off. It does the sound on all presets. I tried resetting the amp by holding down exit and turning it on, but it didn't turn it off. Sometimes the tap light doesn't blink at all but still makes the noise. Did my amp just shit the bed?

From your depiction that it wasn't occurring previously and the reset didn't remedy the problem, it sure sounds like something may have gone wrong! Never heard any such symptom from the MIII nor MIV.

You may want to try plugging the Amp into another electrical circuit to eliminate any possibility of interference from another device on the same circuit?
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