Gonna buy it, who owns one and can testify???

My schemer c-1 classic sounds so nice with this amp.especially with the coil splits. Then I can metal muff it up and play some metal. Since it is a metal muff you know. Amp distortion is great too, this will be my first tube amp, I think I can cover anything from reggae to Metallica. The muff just sings with this amp. A big step up from my line 6 spider III.
Honestly. Wtf?

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I will: Get an AC15 instead.

The distortion will actually sound better through the clean preamp of the AC15 vs the Night Train.
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^ I would think the Night Train as it is advertised would be able to do metal tones better than the ACs. Really, I would not suggest a VOX for metal anyways.

Although true, the AC15 would take the distortion pedals better and they'd probably sound better through the AC15 preamp. I do agree though: VOX is a terrible idea for metal.

Check out the Peavey Windsor OP, or the 6505/5150. Then buy something like an HT-METAL and you're sweet.
^The 6505 is probably out of TS' budget range. But yeah that is one of the go-to metal amps. You might could find it for cheaper today as it is Black Friday. But if you need from Reggae to Metal, the Night Train might be the best fit in the > $500 range. And really most of the gain comes from the amp not the pedals. Maybe a TS9 or something of the sort to boost it. Don't really need a standalone metal box for either the 6505 or Night Train, I would think.
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