I play in an instrumental... let's say stoner/post-metal band, influenced by bands like Neurosis and Ufomammut. The two songs below illustrate their usage of voiceovers in their songs (as part of the intro or outro mostly) - they generally don't go much further with it than that and I don't know any other bands that do. However, in my band, we are beginning to compose songs where voiceovers are not just something added as an afterthought, but really an integral part of the composition and contribute to the dynamic of the song, adding to the climactic buildup and so on (as is common in post-rock & post-metal genres).

Does anyone here have any experience doing this? Or perhaps examples where this is done to a greater degree than the examples I posted, yet not so much where the song is just background music to the voiceovers, as many youtube videos have...

Neurosis - Lost (voiceover by Paul Bowles in the movie The Sheltering Sky):

Ufomammut - Blind (not the best example I could find, but I think they use it interestingly here at the start - signalling the start of the song - and at the end as an extra layer of noise, with a direct question to the listener at the end)

In both examples though, I think the voiceovers could have been left out and the songs would still be awesome (not a bad thing, but I still feel that the voiceovers were added quite late in the song-writing process).
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Yeah this def something that is interesting to implement, my old noise project featured very heavy sample manipulation but it is also something often found in post- genres in general.

I have an sp808, a kaoss pad and a looper that I have used in different setups for this both live and in the studio - each have their own advantages.

Hit me up if there's any specific questions you have, and it'd be cool to hear what your band sounds like.
Check out these albums for reference

The books - The lemon of pink (Weird interesting stuff)
Lemon jelly - Ky ( Chilled out Electro)
Godspeed you black emporers! - Lift your skinny fists (If you don't know them you don't know post-metal)
Evil scarecrow - Ashes (Metal)
Suffocate for fucks sake - Blazing Fires And Helicopters (Exactly what you're looking for)
Panopticon - Kentucky