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I can't find any information on what cords are included with them. Do I need to buy any separate cords to use the inteface?
What you need to buy depends on what's included really

Unless you're buying some bundle you're not gonna get any cable with these, so you need a male to female XLR cable for the mic.
Plus a USB cable to connect the interface to the computer, but I'm guessing you'll get one with the interface.
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Right, the website didn't say anything about what's included so I was checking if anyone else had purchased these products and knew. I'll just email GC or go to the store instead.

The USB cable powers the interface, right? if that's the case, it really should be included
In some cases USB is included and in others it isn't. Buy one online or at a specialized computer store, most of the USB cables that Best Buy and GC will try to sell you will be an expensive overkill. The audio interface should say on the box if USB cable is included so GC should be able to tell you that.