Hey guys!

I just wanted to hear any opinions, thoughts or advice on these two guitars. I play electric and I have a crappy acoustic guitar (Johnson JG-100-NA that a friend gave me) and I would like to buy a "beginner" or intermediate acoustic guitar. Both the guitars are around $200 and the specs are in these two links.

Yamaha FG700S:

Takamine GD30:

To my very minimal knowledge they seem quite similar, so I want to know if there is anything about either of them that is significantly better. I like the look of the Takamine better, but I know that looks shouldn't determine my buy. I think it's good to mention that I like to strum more than finger pick, and I'm not picky on how much bass the guitar has or how clear the guitar sounds as long neither overpowers the other it's fine.

Thanks for any help you guys can give me!

If the guitars are fairly equal I would see no problem in letting looks determine which you buy. That being said I've never bought a guitar for it's looks either.
I'm wondering the same thing.
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Yamaha wins by a hair (solid sitka vs solid spruce whatever). Takamine rarely if ever uses sitka spruce.
Their Jasmine subsidiary uses 'solid spruce' in it's $79 dreadnought. Engelmann spruce and European spruce are also commonly used in guitars, and cheaper wood.