Black Friday for guitars is mostly crap again this year. Mostly just beginner gear and junk that’s been on sale for months already). The only compelling prices I’ve seen are at Sweetwater—lot of huge price cuts on PRS SE and ESP.
Try being in Canada. We've started trying out Black Friday (2nd or 3rd year) but it's mostly a joke here, all hype, no substance. $22 off the full regular price ($649) of an IPad Air 2 which works out to a whopping 3%, less than the 5% GST. No savings at all in most music stores on gear, certainly nothing worth buying just because it's Black Friday.
Our big discount days are usually Boxing Week after Xmas when stores need to clear inventroy for the new years stuff.
Moving on.....
I tried Guitar Center this morning in case the stores had unadvertised goodies. Nope. The stores don’t even have most of the deals on the web site. They just put a bunch of Squier starter packs, terrible Fender acoustic guitars, and cheap music stands up front at the regular price with BLACK FRIDAY sign.
GC and MF have a packs of 12 sets of D'Addario XL 10-46 Electric Light Nickel guitar strings for $25. Same for the D'Addario Acoustic Light strings.
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