I have a Fender Standard Strat. The guitar is about 4 months old.

It was all cool up until the beginning of this month. The High E String has broken twice after being replaced with a Brand new Earnie Ball 9 Guage. I have read other forms about this problem but was still unsure.

The guitar originally came with 9 guage but about a couple weeks later i changed it to 10 guage and at the beginning of this month when two of the strings broke I started changing them to 9 guage again except the E string's being a SOB.

First time it broke, it broke around the first pickup. This time around, it broke at the bridge right at the saddle.

Real Question:

What do you think is the problem, Is it because half the strings are in higher guage and which prolly is putting up a lot of tension even while the string is tuned at standard E?


Is it because I'm using a Metal Pick since this month started? (Yes, I'm using a metal pick, was using Stubby ones before but I play Rock n Roll, so Metal's much better. Soft picks break every second day cuz I play for a really long time)

Lubricants won't help cuz the guitar's new and there's no rough spot, neither on the bridge nor on the pegs.
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