Good day Guys I need help.There is one Swiss is very cool (for me) but unpopular band "the state the sea left me in" .I've been listening to them and decided to play their songs, but as I have not picked up-I did not get since I am a noob in this matter. I'm wrote on almost all the forums,but in addition to inadequate responses and comments that "as a stool you can listen to koko well and the vocals of koko" nothing was received. I wrote to them on email and Facebook but they told me what they haven't tabs and what they play in drop D. i Addressed to professional balers but unfortunately I can't afford it(500-1000 rubles for two guitar parts,the song at 2 minutes is too much)don't want to sound arrogant,but find me the tabs please. Or at least just the chords or something around this.I really need the tabs, I'll be hugely grateful.The songs you can download on bandcamp https://thestatethesealeftmein.bandcamp.com (they are free) or through the archive which I uploaded on zippyshare http://www75.zippyshare.com/v/BkYaAFWF/file.html don't worry there is no virus. If you still don't trust the archives can throw in vk https://vk.com/xburntolivex