Hey everyone!
Here you can find all my covers. You can ask me any band, i'll cover this one if i can play the song

A day to remember :
The downfall of us all

Asking alexandria :
I won't give in

Bullet for my valentine :

Marylin manson :
Beautiful people (guitar rig used)

Muse :

Rise Against :
Audience of one
The dirt whispered

Silverstein :
Buried at sea (guitar rig used)

Sleeping with sirens :
Kick me

Slipknot :
Left behind

Trivium :
A grey so dark
Blind leading the blind
Built to fall
Dying in your arms
Pull harder on the strings of your martyr

We are harlot :
Dancing on nails
The one

Youth in revolt :
Dead inside

Soft used :
Cubase 7, BIAS FX & Sony vegas

Greetings from France !
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Good job man!!

I love the songs, they're just a little underwhelming to watch someone play along to, which is probably why you're not getting any comments.

But the playing is great, nice sound, tight playing and you've done a nice job of mixing your playing into the original track so it doesn't over power or get lost in the recording which is a fine art in itself!

I also gotta say I like the presentation of the videos, nice and simple but a nice mix of angles to watch your playing. Whilst we're talking about your playing, all I'll say is loosen up a little man, you kinda look like you're trying really hard to get it note for note perfect, which is great but relax a little!!

Nice job though man

After thought...Would love to see you maybe do something along the lines of "Gunshot to the Head of Trepidation" by Trivium, or maybe "Dying in Your Arms" to start with? Something to showcase some lead playing would be awesome
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Quote by emstarz
Gonna make both

Thank you man !

Look forward to it man!!