Hi guys.
It's been a while since I posted a tab here, 5 years, actually.
Here it's a song I made for my girlfriend to sing.
There's also growling (the lower parts in the voice track).
The solo parts are missing, I haven't been able to find the
right feeling for them.

So, tell me what you think!

C4C FTW!!!!!
Heya, I'm actually in a Symphonic Metal band, so my feedback might be useful. First of all, nice! You've really got to idea of Symphonic Metal riffs, they've got a real Dark Passion Play era Nightwish sound to them, especially when the orchestra comes in in the riff variation.

My main issues are the chorus, the second chord needs to be an A# Major, don't be afraid of tried and tested chorus progressions, I'd even go as far to say as you need a vi IV I V progression in there, if I'm honest! That's just me, I'm from the 'Essentially pop music' school of Symphonic Metal :P

I really like it, if I was to write this, I'd have more high notes in the female voice, allowing a bit more belting and drama in the voice, but a human voice might help out fix whatever minor issues there are already, adding a bit of dynamics and variations. I'd also like a little music box melody in the Riff Variation - Breakdown section before all of the soloing comes in, but you are working within the constraints of Guitar Pro, I'd love to see what you could do with a proper Symphony Orchestra program, like what EWQL offer. I hope you don't mind, I wrote a little guitar solo sort of thing for it.

If you wanna C4C, here's my band;

epicmetal solo section to end.gp5
Hi, I really appreciate all the feedback, I will check it to make some improvements in my song.
The solo was awesome (although once the recording begins I always let the guitarist the chance to create his own solo).
I liked the Bbm since I wanted a small element of surprise there, to make it a little bit original and catchy, also, with the highest note in the keyboard I made a chromatic arrangement there (d-c#-c-c#-d), but I really appreciate the advice.

About the song you shared, I don't know what to say, it's nearly a perfect song.
However, let me give it a try.
First, I see definitely a great influence from some major symphonic bands, particularly Nightwish, the final result is great and epic, but maybe looking for your own sound could be a good idea, you know? To have your own touch at composing symphonic metal.
I don't know how much in charge were you of the voice (I mean to the notes), but although the melodic line is awesome, I think a second voice harmonizing with the lead voice in some parts of the verse and the pre chorus could've been really cool.
I really liked the solo part, not just for the solo, but because of the sudden power that emerged in the song.
I loved the final chorus, especially the variation in the additional voices, it helped to create a solid ending.
I'm following your in Facebook and Youtube, hope you don't mind
Hey, I do have a song where I use EWQL, it even got a more symphonic approach and a actual choir. Hope you can check it out and tell me what you think:
It is actually an old song, maybe 5 years old, hope I can record more songs soon.
Ace, yeah, honestly, the only critiques I have are personal touches, which is a good sign! That gypsy evil song is pretty ace, I really hope you get something sorted out in future band-wise, or at least put out music, I could see some great stuff coming out. Thanks for the critique! My favourite Symphonic Metal band is actually Kamelot, and I often feel quite a bit of influence from their later albums coming out, I love the modern Symphonic Metal sound, rather than the old-school sound, so our upcoming album goes into that a lot more, you might like it, of course I don't mind you following me! I'll be keeping an eye out to see what you put out in future