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Curious how you feel about these two sets compared to each other. My musical style is very simple, a lot of distortion, but my amp tone is still pretty transparent and clear. What I play is fairly simple, like Van Halen and Metallica combined, but a lot less talent :P

I've looked into Jim Wagner (WCR) Darkbursts, Bareknuckle HolyDivers, and Just because they're pretty cheap, looking at these duncans too. I feel like the JB and the Jazz would be the traditional way to go here, but I'm intrigued by the tone from Pegasus and Sentient; reasoning is that they are a bit mellower, and in the past my recordings have suffered from not having a full enough warm enough tone.

What are your thoughts?
I just put the Pegasus/Sentient set in one of my guitars and have been happy with the results. I wanted to try something different than the JB/Jazz combo and I too was intrigued by this set. I am an intermediate, at home only player who plays everything from jazz thru metal. The pickups have performed admirably across the board with just a wee bit of sound tweaking at the amp. I would give them a try if I were you.
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Thank you for your input!

How would you describe the pickups in terms of forgiveness? Some people have said they are unforgiving, but I think a lot of pickups I play on are, so maybe it's just a matter of forgiveness relative to other clear pickups?

I don't over saturate my tone, even metal tones, with distortion so my tone is pretty unforgiving in that sense. The Pegasus/ Sentient set IMO has a nice mid range to it so, for me, I had re-dial in my tone a bit with slight adjustments to effects and amp. Nothing major though. Your pick ups IMO do not play as much into forgiveness as the amount of gain you use in your tone.
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Your pick ups IMO do not play as much into forgiveness as the amount of gain you use in your tone.

+1 that and what you're using to generate said gain

Some amps are like old testament God, some are like Jesus, and that character will generally hold true regardless of pickups.
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The Sentient/Pegasus is fantastic if you're looking for great string separation under high gain. I do a lot of chunky voicings and pedal riffs, so they're right up my alley.

However, I find them to be pretty thin on the clean channel. They're in my little Jazzmaster specifically for the chugga chugga stuff. If you want a swiss army knife set of pickups, the JB/Jazz is king of the mountain for a good reason.
You made the right choice. The Pegasus/Sentient set is awesome for all types of distorted sounds, no matter where you get the gain (pedal or amp).
I think I did make the right choice. These things sound _really_ great for the kind of classic high gain sound I'm going for. They're actually more forgiving than the Gibson 500T in my kramer in some ways, and less in others.

They have a very pleasant natural EQ that I feel would mix well with other instruments; this is also probably due partially to the full mahogany guitar.

They do have a bit of a humming situation going on, not much more than some of my other guitars, but in my experience, this is usually due to string grounding capacitance/resistance, or control cavity shielding. Since for the first time in my life I used the exterior braided vintage gibson-style wiring, I'm guessing that the braid is touching other grounding points creating grounding loops and the like.

My plan for eliminating the grounding is to check the bridge and put shielding tape in the switch and knob cavities. Once did that on one of my loudest guitars and it turned it into one of my quietest.

But, it's still really great sounding. If I have a chance, maybe I can get some sound clips up, it's hard to understand what these pickups are about when 99% of the sound clips you find are 8 string chugga chuggas, and I would have really appreciated to hear some more revealing amp tones and playing styles when I was doing the search. But the answer to the question is yes, they do more.

And the sentient neck pickup is possibly the best humbucker for cleans that I've ever encountered, it has a very unique sound (but I don't think anybody debates that)

I've only ever played the Duncan's but maybe my opinion can help some. I have the JB/Jazz set in an ash bodied super strat and play mostly hard rock/metal; something like 10 Years or Chevelle.

While they both sound amazing clean when it comes to distortion the JB is way to trebly for me, and I have to roll my tone knob back about 2/3 of the way to get a sound that isn't too twangy. The jazz as my neck pickup can be very muddy with a lot of distortion but is very warm with just a touch gain.

Using both pickups together gets a very warm and saturated tone that with gain gives a very old school rock vibe. One issue for me though, which is probably due to bad soldering on my part, they aren't very loud and feedback easily, but you can take that with a grain of salt.

Hope this helps
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