Great mix of piano and drums! The piano makes it sound very soothing, and the guitar has an earthy feel to me. I like it. There's also some white noise coming from the mic but I like it a lot, it almost sounds like a waterfall in the background. Maybe you can add one later? haha C4C?
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Thank you for the crit man, this has a nice vibe, i really like the keys you have in here, its sets some strong sense of emotion for the whole track! I think persoanlly it could be played tighter! But i think this would sound really nice with a cajon to give more rhythm as i feel the song loses its drive at times and then am unsure where its going, but thats nothing bad it just needs some kind of beat, even a shaker would do
Great work! The mix of guitar and piano was very well composed and was built with a very soothing end result. The background noise, even if not intentional, helped fill the track's atmosphere and even added a whole new element to the song's vibe. Loved it! C4C?
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