I was thinking about buying this guitar pack: https://www.musicstore.de/en_OE/EUR/SET-Jack-Danny-TL-Natural-Behringer-X-V-Amp-LX1-X/art-GIT167

Is it a good guitar? I've seen some people saying it's awesome for its quality=price. I want it mainly for some home recordings but also play lives at small cafes/bars. Is it a good choice for its price?

Alternatively I was thinking about buying this Epiphone Les Paul Special II but it seems like it's overpriced:

What do you think?
Looks like a decent enough price for a Special II to me.

The trouble is that both the options you're considering are way too cheap to be much better than firewood. If you're not willing to shell out for a half-decent guitar, the best you can do for next-to-nothing is a used Yamaha Pacifica. Otherwise, start saving and get something worth getting.
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I would advise against both of them...

But with that budget, you can't get much better. Follow the advice above, get a used Yamaha Pacifica or save a bit more!
Hello CiC
I got a used Pacifica via the "big auction" and am pretty happy with it. but not all pacificas have a splittable bridge humbucker (mine hasn't ) so if you need/want the Tele-Twang this might not be the right alternative.
regarding the Budget you could also check the Harley Benton line of thomann.de...they are regularly rated quite positively in german guitar magazines...and the prices start from what you found with this J&D.