Hello guys, Ive been working very hard on this track for the past two weeks and I'm really excited about it. Let me know what you think of the mix, writing, production, etc. Its called Nightskye, I hope y'all like it.



Let me hear your stuff!
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Hello there.

Very nice work with the drums - they have a nice natural sound to them and are well written with a good variety. your guitar is well played with some interesting little variations thrown in. The bit around 2:09 was a good little change in feeling that worked well. At times it felt a little like the bass could have been more busy - a few more little runs thrown in there rather than staying on the root note. Perhaps thats being overly picky though - I can hear some quite nice bass work through a lot of it and it might lose its impact if overdone.

Mix wise - clean, crisp, spacious. Cant really fault it anywhere. I would perhaps have made the guitar on the right have a little less low end, but thats personal tone preference.

A nice track, well made. Good work.

Thank you for you critique
I can honestly say that I love it! the feeling of this song reminds me of the rain song from Zeppelin maybe even has a bit more feeling than Zep
that part 2:34-2:40 is very good
the bass is good throughout the song
from 1:12 to 2:00 You could use a singer there to add something to it
where can I download it??

good job great track!
Definitely digging the polyphony! Mixing is well done and everything cuts through pretty well. I like the jazzy influences too, even though its not my usual cup of tea. The only things that didnt sit quite well with me were in the main riff. You've got sort of a pedal point thing going on with the higher notes that tends to become a bit repetitive. Also, the last change close to the 4 minute mark is a bit abrupt.

Other than that, it's very well put together and has a nice vibe. Have you considered using any distortion on this track? it doesnt seem to have a big climax.

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Thanks for the listen. First, I like the guitars in the beginning. I think more reverb and less of the guitar tracks would be nice to set up the next section. Also it's a bit hard to distinguish the bass, probably because of the reverb. Not a very easy thing to balance, but it still sounds pretty good. I like the drum mix, kick and snare are perfect. Sometimes, the accents on the cymbals seem a bit loud. I'm not really familiar with this style, but I did enjoy listening. Cool song