I need a clean tone amp for half the cost. What is an amp similar to the Roland JC-120 but for a better price?

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Look into a Hot Rod Deluxe, I guess.
It all comes down to what tone exactly you want (a Vox sounds different than a Fender which in turn sounds different to a JC, and so on). Also depends on your exact budget.

Might also look into a used JC-120, they're decently common and seem solid enough, I wouldn't mind getting an old used one.
HRD and Roland Cube 60. Both do clean really well.
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Guthrie on tone: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zmohdG9lLqY
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Peavey Stereo Chorus

Around $199 now a days

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Peavey Stereo Chorus

Around $199 now a days


musicman may be worth a shot. i love my HD130 2x12" its hybrid, pedal friendly, and louder than you would ever need. i got mine in the $350 range (no footswitch though).
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