I was just looking for some Command and Conquer Generals guitar covers in UG only to find only a few non Generals covers. I also looked for some Total War covers and and found just one song (the one from Medieval). We need more guitar covers of video game music in my opinion. What video game ost's would you like to learn in guitar.
Heres Mine:

CnC Generals (Especially the Gla and China ones, its one hell of an amazing and underated soundtrack)

Total War games (I think composer used to be in a rock band prior to composing orchestral songs, im trying to tab Divinitus from the first Rome game for acoustic guitar by ear, i just dont have enough time due to school)

Call of Duty series

Lots of retro and arcade games

MGS series (Especially Rising)

Spec Ops The Line (Josh Homme was responsible for this soundtrack, enough said)

What about you're favorite Video game ost's that you want "Guitarized" (Or violin/piano/Saxophonized)
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I guess the main reason why not too many people do guitar covers of some games is because of the need to be original. Anyone can get a tab of Guiles Theme, find a rock backing track on youtube and do a quick cover, but it's been done a million times before. And not only that, but you HAVE to rely on finding backing track material, whereas a regular cover for a song, all you need is the song in the background.

But the biggest reason I believe, is due to nostalgia. When you learn how to play the Hell March, you want to play the same way you first heard back when you played C&C1. Iconic tunes are hard to adapt due to this, most people don't want to change it, and because they've learnt it the same way everyone else has, they see little reason in recording yet another Hell March cover.

I've seen so many people play a metal version of Dr Wily's stage 1 theme (cause it's such a damn good theme), yet the only one that's ever truly impressed me (and the one I want to learn, though it's so fucking difficult) is this one by Ewan Dobson, because not only is it arranged in a style that no one's really done before, it's impressive from a technical standpoint, and it captures the feel of the original track.

There's a also a handful of Donkey Kong Country themes I'd like to arrange for fingerstyle guitar, David Wise is a god.
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