Hey guys, today I got the chance to play a Rockerverb MK III Combo and I was blown away enough to cancel my plans to buy a 6505+ and a 2x12 at tax time. Does anyone happen to know if the effects loop is decent? I just bought a reverb and a chorus awhile back and would like to know if the effects loop in this amp will have a negative effect on using them?
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Well I can't say for sure, although I am interested, as I'm currently paying off a Rockerverb 50 combo I found at a pawn shop (although it's a MK1). I haven't even messed with the effects loop, but I'm more than sold on the clean and OD channels anyway, and have been since I first played an Orange. For what it's worth, the built in reverb is glorious, so if by chance it doesn't sound great with your pedal, you can just get the amp footswitch and use its reverb.
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Does anyone happen to know if the effects loop is decent?
The 6505 is the only "famous" amp that has worthwhile problems with the stock fx loop, the rv won't have any problems.
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