im trying to learn this really fast alternate picking solo from one of dream theaters songs that is literally a minute of endless major and minor runs up and down the neck at 202 bpm

ive gotten to the point where i know how to play every single note inside this solo really slowly, and even managed to play a 4th of it at regular speed perfectly. My problem is, when i try to practice it and focus on certain areas, as in playing them over and over again, its hit or miss. i could hit every note, or almost no notes at all, and say i try to play that small 4th again at regular speed, id flub it all and it ends up being a slopfest, but i try again randomly, and i can do it perfectly all of a sudden.

id try holding my pick slightly differently and see how my chances of error are with that different position, but playing it is still hit or miss. I don't know if its my technique or not which is the problem. I don't know if the way im playing guitar is wrong at a fundamental level. Ive gotten this far, so idk

the times where i play these parts perfectly, id feel a resistance, but its a good resistance. A resistance where everything can be resolved easily and my movements feel snappy with almost no latency whatsoever, like the pick is literally a part of my fingers.
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I have a similar problemon solos the I supposedly already know, and are even much simpler than the one you're trying to play, like Stairway to Heaven. I'd be glad for some advice.
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you just need to slow it down. Are you using a metronome? if not get one.