Hi guys. So ive been playing acoutic guitar for a few years now, been looking at electrics for a couple months and decided to take the dive, going with either a tele or strat, maybe a g&l asat, i like to play punk, classic rock, acid rock, stuff like that. My question to you all is, do i go with a semi budget tube amp and use the rest of my $1400ish for guitar and pedals, or buy a nicer amp and head, ditch the pedals, and go a few months with just amp and guitar and get pedals next summer when im out of my classes and can save my extra income to build up my pedals? Thank you all, and btw only new gear, ive had some bad experiences with used acoustics in the past.
So your budget is 1400 for everything?

You don't necessarily have to make that decision now. You can get a fantastic guitar and amp for 1400 or less. You might try a few and find a rig that works great for 1200, and then you can spend the rest on pedals.

Actually, for your first amp, it would be smart to get a modeling amp. That way you can start to develop a preference for amp and effect types, without buying individual units. The Peavey Vypyr tube amps or the Line 6 Spider Valve (not the regular Spider series!) or DT or Amplifi are all good modelers. Most of those should leave you plenty of budget left for a good guitar.
Thanks lppon, yeah, im. thinking that might be a better route for me. and Roc, while i get why youd recommend a modeling amp, even the tube modelers ive demoed havent really impressed me and i play with such little variance in the tones ill be using i dont see a need for the models if that makes sense. Ive been looking at the Egnater Tweaker 40 head with bugera 212ts because i like the turbosound speakers. and the egnater head will give me plenty of gain and can still dial in the vintage-esque tube overdrive i like on some songs.
I'll +1 something G&L and the Peavey Vypyr Tube 60. Save some money, don't invest in more than you need at the moment. You are just starting out on electric, so get some experience with other sounds.
If you want to blow down the doors I would take a serious look at the new Fender Bassbreaker 18/30 at 899.99. This thing kills any modeling amp and quite frankly there is nothing that compares to it in this price range. Fender just went and jacked the Marshall Bluesbreaker (which Jim Marshall jacked a Fender amp design when Fender amps were not available in the UK), or should I say, took their own design back and did their own thing with it. This amp will handle any high gain and clean sound you throw at it. Do not slum, get it right the first time. You decide on the guitar within this budget, but this amp kills anything from its competitors. 2 channels with 4 EL 84's and in a 2x12 Vintage voiced Celestion combo. Get it done.
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Can you get a modeling amp at say, a Guitar Center, play around with it for a few weeks and return it? I'm not sure what their return policy is anymore, but keep the receipt! especially if you go in like, yea this isn't what i want so I'm gonna buy something more expensive.
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Laney Cub 12, used ASAT or MiM Tele, all in for $700. Spend the rest on pedals if you feel the need.

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Thank you all so much, for the music i play and the little use of most effects, especially in punk which is my primary focus, i think im gonna stick new gear and no pedals, i like the looks of that bassbreaker! ill have to play one next time i go to gc, what about the Carvin V3M, anybody have any experience? GC wont let you return unless the items are still in their package and original seal i believe.
I like my Carvin V3m , it's hard to beat for the money , Carvin has the head on sale right now for 419.00 and a 10 day return if you don't like it ......
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Consider a Fender Mustang III/IV/V. They're feature packed, extremely versatile, a terrific value, and can get plenty loud!

There are 17 modeled amps on board ranging from Fender Cleans to British and American High Gain Amps, each with a selection of 44 FX (stomp, mod, delay, reverb). The model IV and V come with the 4btn fsw that has Tuner/Mute mode, Quick Access Presets, Navigation, and FX toggles. The MIII comes with the far mlre limited 2btn fsw. There's also an optional EXP-1 Expression/Volume Pedal that works with each of the 100 Presets.

If you're willing to dig into the Advanced Amp Settings you'll discover the Mustang's Magic! This is where you can customize the Sag, Bias, Noise Gate, Cabinet Simulations, and more for each of the 100 Presets. If the Mustang's learning curve is not for you, go with something else. If you're okay with the technology check out Fender's FUSE software and the Android Remuda App.
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