hey, i've got a 2010 gibson sg special faded and i keep it hanging on the wall, all the time.
it's come to a stage that i have fret buzz, mostly on the bass strings, and mostly on the E string.
strange thing is, after checking the neck relief i think its fine, but i tried to tighten the truss rod anyway, i dont get less fret buzz,
but then i tried to relieve the truss rod further from the original state, i got higher action, and on the high frets(say 15-22) i have the most fret buzz.
what could it be?
the strings are d'addario NYXL 09-42
Before making any adjustments you first need to determine what is causing the buzzing. It could backbow (not enough relief), it could be your nut cut too low, could be uneven frets, or just too low action.

First check your relief by fretting the first and last string. At midpoint there should be just the slightest gap between the fret and string... about the thickness of a business card. If it is more than that, tighten the truss rod, if less or if the string is laying right on the frets, loosen. When your relief is set right, leave it be. Trying to fix buzz with your truss rod when the relief is where it should be is not fixing the problem.

Next check action at 12th fret. Anything less than 1/16" you'll probably get some buzz.

Next check your string action at the first fret. I use a thin pick (0.46mm) as a quick and dirty gauge. For the high strings the pick should just slip between fret and string without raising the string, and the tension of the string hold it there. On the bass side, just touching. If lower than that, the nut either has to be replaced, shimmed, or the slots raised by using a filler made of CV cement and bone dust or soda.

Next check for high/low frets. With a straight-edge that spans three frets at a time (a credit card works), go up and down the neck. If you can get any rocking motion you have a high or low fret.
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