whats the best amp for a beginner? can you help me please?

Orange crush pix 20ldx or Fender Mustang I V2

I'm looking for my xmas gift and i'm looking for a little advice....

thkx m8s
Out of those two, definitely the Fender.
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Agreed, the Mustang is a great choice. You've got 24 presets of guitar tones, 16 of which you can change. A FTSW is really useful in this case.
Are those the only options?
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no not really, what do you recomend as alternatives... in that similar budget
Quote by Cathbard
Out of those two, definitely the Fender.
This by far.

Some other options...

  • Vox Valvetronix: Good for cleans, light crunch, Blues, Blues Rock, some Classic Rock.
    Can do stuff from The Beatles to Iron Maiden
  • Peavey Vypyr: Fair cleans, Good for light crunch, Heavy crunch, various genres and sub-genres of metal. Try to get one with a 12 inch speaker..

Both have enough effects and amp models to keep you happy, but they both take pedals fairly well (Better than other modeling amps, IMO
Peavey vypyr's good but I personally wouldn't recommend the vip series. Just didn't wow me particularly, gains were pretty off and weak.