I'm talking about an RP355 specifically. It has not been working at all, ever since I dug it out. I plugged the output of it into the input of my amp, and the input of it leads to my guitar. PS: I'm using a Fender Frontman r212, and it's worked before. The plugs go in all the way, both wires work, volume is up (on guitar, amp, and pedal), and even the drums feature on the pedal works with the amp but when I play the guitar, all I hear is a little feedback from the amp - not the actual guitar in any way.
Dirt in the input and output of the unit?
Cables could be toast.
Maybe the input and outputs soldering is coming lose.
Maybe that unit is just a piece of shit.
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You could try doing a hard reset, I believe there's instructions online to do that.
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There should be a master volume control on the RP somewhere. I presume you have that up as well, if not then that might be your problem. Well, the drums work though. Idk, try it. :p

Also check every thing in the chain and test it with other equipment, including the cables and guitar. Take the RP out of the chain and see if things work. Try especially the guitar and cable to the unit. Since the drums work on the unit, I would think there is something wrong with the input side of things.

And as a side note, if you get the unit working again, use it just in the effects loop of the FM amp. The preamp of the FM will not effect the RP's signal, it will just be amplified. So it will be cleaner. Or better yet, get a Zoom G3.
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Update: I double checked to make sure the cables work. They work perfectly fine, and even work with my pedalboard. I tried using my electric-acoustic and bass, but still nothing
I agree with Will. I recently had both the RP355, specifically, and a G3, side by side for a few weeks. While the prices are similar (though I got the RP for $40), there is absolutely no comparison. As modest as the G3 is, it made the RP seem like a toy. Not a single edge the RP has over the G3, unless you wanna count the whammy.

Alternatively, i recently scored a Boss ME50. I previously owned one for years and had always had the opinion the ME50 was the best sounding mfx. Playing through the ME50 again, my opinion is reaffirmed. It doesn't have all the features of the G3 but the sound q is clearly better on the ME50. I even manage to squeeze out some surprisingly good drive tones.
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