I am planning on getting some pedals for making ambient guitar/guitar with high reverb and echo. Most important I need a good reverb pedal. My top 3 choices were the strymon blue sky, hardwire supernatural, and the boss rv6. I don't feel like buying the strymon and I think that the supernatural has a better tone than the rv6 so I am leaning more toward the supernatural. Does anyone have an suggestions?

Up next I want to use the Neunaber seraphim mono shimmer rever pedal. I know the supernatural has a shimmer effect (and the other two) but I would really like to have a dedicated reverb pedal and then a shimmer pedal. The nice thing about the seraphim is that it combines the neunaber wet reverb with it so it is a shimmer and reverb pedal.

I will need a delay pedal. The Boss dd7 seems like a nice choice without spending too much cash. I basically need a delay to help give my reverb/notes more space and length. Is the dd7 a good choice?

I think the only other pedals I would need would be a volume pedal and I would like to use the pitchfork pitch shifter for adding an octave lower tone to give my long reverb and shimmer some warmer color.

Any suggestions?
Well, as always:

Try the pedals. You can look at demo's and ask for suggestions all you want but in the end it's about your opinion. But you could also take a look at an EHX Holy Grail.
But from those two, I think the Supernatural will suit ambient music better.

And I never owned a DD-7 but I only heard great stuff about it.
I would consider the Eventide Space as well. I do like the Strymon Big Sky and the Neunaber Wet mono, but I think the Strymon is not as user friendly as the Eventide. As delay pedals go I do like the classic DD-7 but again Eventide's Timefactor and Strymon's Timeline are stellar, but I would be remiss if I didn't mention the Pigtronix Echolution 2. I am sitting right in front of these pedals as we speak and I feel like a lion gazing at a herd of wildebeest. This totally a matter of preference, but if you are looking for the textual feel of ambient music for guitar I am a big fan of Eventide.
Look up the Mr Black Eterna Gold shimmer reverb pedal, it's a stand alone shimmer reverb and not too expensive.
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I really like the EQD Afterneath, it is fun for ambient sounds, throw a little delay and a volume pedal into the mix and it does the trick for me. Might also look into the Boss TerraEcho, never played one but they are an ambient-ish reverb.
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I like a lot of the suggestions, and could add things like the Cadavernous from Blackout Effectors or the Walrus Descent and... Well, the fact is, there are hordes of killer pedals out there. Stick to the stuff with the better reviews and you probably can't go wrong.



I will say, though, that I personally would probably budget for stacking things like delay, reverb, and similar pedals. That way, not only can you cover all your desired features without compromise, you can also get nifty effects as the pedals interact, and you can simply switch pedals on and off instead of kneeling and twiddling knobs. (I have always found that aspect of certain performers' shows to be the least...showmanlike.)
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I can get pretty spacy sounds out of my TC Hall of Fame reverb and Flashback delay combined. Very atmospheric stuff. I would concur with Dannyalcatraz in that it might be a better approach to combine several good pedals instead of one ultra-expensive one like the Eventide Space (though that's one seriously amazing pedal).

A word on the "shimmer" effect that's so popular these days: While I do like that sound, most of the demos I've heard give me the feeling that it's an effect I'd get sick of fairly quickly -- and a great many of them sound kind of cheesy and fake, at least to me they do. I tried a Mooer Shimverb and thought it sounded horrible. I would really caution you not to buy a pedal for the shimmer effect until you've tried it in person.
kinda on the expensive side but i'd look at Eventide pedals for both reverb and delay. agree that the Mooer shimverb may disappoint many of the chinese knock off pedals that are digital have gooten less than great reviews.
The Liquid Ambience by fluxeffects.com is a masterpiece, if you can get your hands on one. Got mine through their Kickstarter campaign and it was well worth waiting for.
Two less expensive pedals worthy of consideration- the Caroline Kilobyte and the Keeley Aurora:


Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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I presume you have experience with ambience sound-shaping? If you do not/not a lot, you might want some lower-end pedals before you get higher-up. A small multi-effects (I use a Zoom G3) would be beneficial. And you would be surprised what you can do with just a delay and verb.

That said, if you are in between (or moving from a unit like the G3) and you need to upgrade, I think Strymon units, although an investment, will cover your ambience needs and will still be playing your washes long after you are dead.

But of course there are more options, that is just my suggestion.
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It's funny I've just seen this topic but I've been considering asking for the Hardwire Supernatural as a Christmas present. I realise multiple pedals would give more flexibility, but when I've got multiple pedals to dance with going from distortion to clean (fuzz off, OD off, channel switch to clean) I'd like to cut down on this dance routine and have just one pedal solely for clean sounds. The pedal still seems really flexible, and as long as you don't need multiple presets in a single song, you can just alter the pedal preset in between songs.
A single pedal will also take up less space, and power supply requirements. The supernatural has great reviews from what I've read so I think I'll be going for it. It also looks very nice as a pedal anyway!
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I just got my Stryman Big Sky,
just starting to learn how to use it
but I think no serious guitarist is complete without this reverb/delay unit
or one like it,
the possibilities for an acoustic guitar are endless (well, over a hundred anyway...)
its an expensive unit $550 but there is nothing like quality,
esp. if you're acoustic/electric and you typically are conservative with effects in general,
it appears to be very well made,
the sounds are amazing,
but the thing I find good about getting good equipment like this
is it helps keep your attention and curiosity peaked,
which is really important to keep your discipline of playing/writing,
a good box that is in demand is also easy to sell (I could find NO used Big Sky units available)
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Somebody posted a video in the comments of an article about the Earthquaker Rainbow or whatever... seems like a neat little pedal.
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Somebody posted a video in the comments of an article about the Earthquaker Rainbow or whatever... seems like a neat little pedal.

Yeah, the Rainbow Machine is pretty cool

For a pretty flexible and tasty-sounding delay for not-that-much check out the EHX Deluxe Memory Boy (or Memory Boy Deluxe, I don't know). On its own it's nice and it's versatile, with an expression pedal it can get weird in some really neat ways.

Also might be worth looking at the EHX Freeze for layering sounds, or the Superego.

I often feel like I seem to be advertising EHX but in practice I just like them and can afford them
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EQD's Arpanoid is similar to the Rainbow, and a bit more controlled.

Another fun pedal would be the EHX Epitome. It's a MicroPOG, Holy Grail Reverb and Electric Mistress Chorus/Flange, all in one (largish) pedal.

As for minimizing the stompbox tapdance, look into something like a Carl Martin Octa Switch or Voodoo Labs Pedal Switcher. Each lets you add or remove groups of pedals in your chain with the tap of a single switch.
Sturgeon's 2nd Law, a.k.a. Sturgeon's Revelation: “Ninety percent of everything is crap.”

Why, yes, I am a lawyer- thanks for asking!

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If you're looking for ambient sounds once you try the Strymon Big Skye
you have to have one
The Neunaber Seraphim is great. I'd go the extra mile and help it out with the Boss RV-6 (or even just the RV-5) set to the modulated setting, but the Seraphim can do a lot with just the WET and the shimmer modes available. The DD-7 is a perfectly fine delay from the tinkering I've had with it it, but the release of the DD-500 has made the DD-20 so much cheaper on ebay and reverb (even new models from dealers). I'd go with a DD-20 if possible. It's the best cheap big delay and the ambient sounds and options are some of the best in that price range. Of course, if you want to go big, the Strymon Big Sky and Strymon Timeline are more than a trend. They freaking rule for all things modern ambience.
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