Order this from a guy in Germany through Ebay on thursday, so quick delivery and a really nice man!

It is an RTG Prestige, never heard of them, and spent hours using google translate to try and decipher what the hell people on the german forums were saying about the quality etc. They all sempt to love it, it is korean which put me off, deep down i wanted a les paul standard but at less than half the price i had to have this!

Tried to upload the photos properly but was taking ages!
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Its got tesla VR60 pickups which do sound lovely but i may endup changing for some iron gears in the future.
Grover tuners
Split coil switch
Mahogany body
Maple back
Multi bindings all over the guitar
Rosewood fretboard and mahogany neck
Tunomatic bridge
And mother of pearl/ abalone inlays

It plays beautifully, eaaaasily better than my epiphone black beauty, it is a bit more bluesy though and plays better than 2 gibson studios i tried out last week. I would give it a 7/10

It is so responsive how you play, it distorts gorgeously when playing hard. The sound is very full but with the signature hollowbody twinge, the split humbuckers sound lovely either way. 9/10 for sound

The quality i would say is 8/10 as in the S holes you can see the joints in binding and on the binding there are a few blemish's but for korean i cant complain.

Price wise it was £390, which is totally amazing for how well it looks with the AAA top, and all the extras, if this had gibson on the top it would be 10x the price and epiphone probably twice the price, would definitely recommend this brand to anyone, experienced or new.
That sounds like a great price. I was a fan of Tesla pickups. Anyway, congrats. Too much abalone for me but that top is amazing.
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