i've been playing fingerstyle (tommy emmanuel, kelly valleau) and celtic guitar for a while now.
I'm currently using a cheapo classical guitar and got to the point when it is starting to work against me.
For my needs, the perfect sound for me would be the sound of tony mcmanus's guitar, such as this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gYmzalpiDuU a wide, warm sound, but with a "sting".
My budget is around 1500$ so I'm not expecting an exact replica, but I'd really like to get some guidelines from you guys. Of course, nothing beats live trial in a store, but I'm afraid I'll be so enthusiastic about buying a new guitar, that I won't really know what I'm doing.
Any help would be great, from recommended wood types to specific models.
I taught myself how to play so my theoretical knowledge is really not impressive... Hence my general, not to say strange requests...
At that kind of price for that kind of sound I would be looking at a Taylor Grand Auditorium size (*14) or similar. For a tighter Tommy Emmanual kind of sound it would be hard to go past older style Matons. But I would be trying as many as I could in Martin, Larrivee, Taylor and Maton.
Well if you like the PRS sound you can get an acoustic from their SE range, their around $800. I love Matons, but if you're after a celtic-ish sound, you may find them a bit too trebley. Stonebridge and Larrivee make some really nice guitars for around that price, and that's where I'd personally look (but that's just cause I love those guitars, PRS and Taylor are also great places to look). I particularly like Larrivee's jumbo guitars, and Stonebridge's OM series are really nice for a smaller body (and considering that most Stonebridge's cost around $3000).
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