lol look at this cat getting kicked in the nuts (SONGWRITING - WEEK 77)

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The objective of this thread is to vote on the song you like the most, but remember: don't base your vote on the quality of the recording, base it on the content.

Here they are:

1 - "Breathing Gasoline" (whywefight)

2 - "You're Absolute" (TheMattGusta)

3 - "Black Smoke Rising" (mind_meld, SirZep)

4 - "Static" (Trifonas)

Here is last week's most voted song,
from chev311e, the song "Piece by Piece (no drums)"!

If you too want to become a better songwriter/gigolo consider joining our group (, all the info you need to join this weekly "contest" is there.

The votes will be counted this Friday (post your song for next week meanwhile). The winner of this week's voting will be a mod in our group.


Check out last week's thread here:
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will finish this album and then listen and then vote
A poem.
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I can out-bore you any day
my vote will remain secret

They were all great btw
A poem.
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no girl, movember isnt for you. shave your stache pls

I can out-bore you any day
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I should write clickbait titles more often

Dammit, thought I was gonna see something interesting, but instead I get this

Wwf should release an album called "Songs to close your eyes to" (in a good way)
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Anyway voted for trifonas but shoutout to the other two as well. Mattgusta's song was ambitious and sirmeld's production on the distorted guitars is the best Ive heard from them so props
That was the most awesome thing I've heard today (minus the cover of a FoOltz song I did)
It reminded me of Boards of Canada. But it was like they did a mellow ambient cover of an amazing Animal Collective song.
This was dope man. And your voice was never like this. Great. GREAT. gr8 m8

2. This was nice. Reminded me a bit of Placebo's first songs (especially some acoustic B-Sides).

3. I don't really like this kind of music. The production was spot on though.

Voted for me.
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