Hey UG, been a while since I've posted, but I've been trying to be more independent on the repair side of instruments lately, but my SG bass has me at a loss. Can someone tell me how to adjust this? I get the whole concept of right to flatten the neck and etc, but it appears to need some tool other than an Allen wrench. I've also never seen a truss rod look like this. Is this normal? I've had this bass for years and it has been to a luthier a few times, yet they never mentioned this.

Thanks! You're all awesome, and I hope your musical dreams all come true.

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You need a 5/16ths truss rod wrench.

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Thank you both! I appreciate the advice. I'd never seen a wrench like that. I'll have to see if I can locate one.
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indeed, the 5/16" t-rod wrench is the tool of choice. in lieu of that, a 5/16" nut driver or a 1/4" drive socket wrench with a 5/16" socket will work.

-a drop or two of liquid wrench on the threads might be a good idea before you start.

-take the nut all the way off and put a small dab of something slippery on the threads and washer face. this will improve feel and adjustability of the rod and will prevent seizing in the future. i use silicone grease with teflon but there are a lot of other choices.
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