Hi! I would say im a fairly decent guitarist, an ok singer with a good ear and a bunch of theory knowlege. I can practice the two themselves, but if i practice a song i want to sing and play at the same time, i get very often frustrated and do something else. It can be an fairly easy song, but its something that just dont click for me. I think this is because i dont have any good plan of how to go about learning a new song. It would be nice just to sing some songs at parties etc, because people always ask me, and i often end up just getting embarrased. Dont get me wrong, im not doing this for anybody else, i want to learn it myself too. So if you are learning to play and sing a fairly simple song, what are the steps you usally do?
I'm only a part-time singer (thanks for that line Chet!) but I've found if I can play a song without thinking about it very much that I can sing. On stuff that I still have to concentrate on the playing my singing suffers (except for punk, in which case it doesn't matter as long as you are having fun). Learn the song well enough to play it on auto pilot then concentrate on the vocals.

Hope that helps. My apology if it doesn't.
Sometimes it's just really hard. Even easy songs like seven nation army or jaded by green day are hard.

There are some ways to make it easier though. Tapping your foot always helps. Keeping your hand in motion helps too sometimes. Jaded again is a good example. It's an eighth note rhythm, and it goes 1 & _ & 3 _ 4 _. Now do all down strokes, and on those _'s mute the strings and hit a percussive strum. This will keep your hand in motion and also sounds cool. Get this way of playing it down to the point it's like being on autopilot. Then just go for it and see if you can sing it at the same time. If you can't you gotta "map" the sung notes to the chords. But that shouldn't be too hard if you play it the way I suggested
Start really simple with songs that you know inside and out and can sing or play without thinking about it. TobusRex has it right, when you struggle to sing a song because you don't know the words really well or you can't play the song without struggling because you have to rely on something written, you're dead. On top of that if you are singing to an audience (even one other person) you need it to be a performance so you need to practice not looking at your hands like you are struggling to play or embarrassed to sing. Look at the people you are playing for and go for it with confidence. If you make a mistake, so what? Laugh about it and keep going. You are doing something probably no one else in the room can do.

Pick a few songs that are really popular to a wide group of people. If you learn to play songs that only you and a few others know you take a risk that no one else will appreciate it. Remember that if you are singing to 1 person or 100 it's a performance and you want to please the majority not just a few select people. Just start with simple songs that have nothing but basic chords and no intricate picking parts, then practice, practice till you can do it without any struggle. Your question is one that comes up a lot but the answer is always KISS (no not Gene Simmons) "keep it simple stupid" and practice just one or two songs over and over. There's no magic formula just repetition.
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