Hello everyone,

Has anyone ever used or seen a device like this one:


It's an old school amp/recorder from the 80's that has both guitar and microphone input jack.
What I need to know is can use both of them simultaneously and independently. Judging by its dials it only has one input control... Any answers would be helpful.

Regards, Nemanja
That's only thing I could find:

Looks like it was made to learn songs from tape as it has the slow down mechanism.
Some of these old ones could possibly take more than one input, as I don't think it would have a disable signal feature if more than one are plugged but I am not sure. Looks like it will take at least one input. Might be worth testing it on the spot, although I doubt you'll get some kind of quality sound with this.

A small powered wedge speaker will do much better than this unit, but that might be closer to 100 Euro.