Hello, everyone! I've been working on transcribing the Flintstones theme (off and on) for awhile now. Over that time, I managed to figure out the melody as well as the chords to the tune.

What I have been having trouble with is the introduction to the tune. I do have some of figured out, but I am having a hell of a time transcribing it and getting it correct. I will link the video to the theme, the tab that I have completed, and what I was thinking was happening.


In the video I posted, I am having trouble getting the timing right from the 6 second to 8 second mark. To me, it sounds like it's alternating between the 5th (F), and 4th (Eb) of the key. The timing sounds like it may be a dotted eight followed by an eight. Or, maybe it's a swung eighths? I was also wondering what the little "walk-in" right before the singing begins.

Also, would someone help me out a bit with figuring out the outro to the theme at roughly 1:10 minute mark of the video? Even if it's the slightest hint at where to start transcribing it.

Thanks for the help! I tried my best at transcribing it (my ear is somewhat middle-of-the-road), and I am getting pretty frustrated with it to the point of wanting to pull my hair out. I really appreciate any help that you can offer!
The Flintstones Theme Intro.gp5
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