I made a few adjustments to my Squire Bullet Strat today. Pulled it out and went to play on some tabs, and I could tell a buzzing noise. I haven't actually had this thing set up professionally, but I knew the buzzing would drive me nuts and cut into my amp fund to take it. It was purchased new, I might add.

First I tried was adjusting the truss rod. Counter-clockwise was what I understood to address fret buzz, but the impression I had was to stop after 2 full turns. I got there with some improvements, but not complete. I fired up Rocksmith as it's the only thing I have on hand to use as a tuner. Tuned Drop D and played a few songs the moved to Standard tuning.

So far, I had better tuning when playing with Drop D than before, so the truss rod wasn't in vain. I had a little more buzzing on the E and A strings, so I adjusted the action on those and think I've finally gotten the buzz away.

I feel fairly accomplished for that level of instrument maintenance. Not entirely sure that was the best way about troubleshooting, but once I dove right in, it's pretty easy to grasp.

If you don't have any tools, some Allen wrenches were all I needed, for my fellow n00bs. I can't comment if this is universal, but I imagine what tools you don't have can be had for very cheap at a hardware store.