Hey. I have a 2012 Gibson SG 61 Reissue.
I'm going to turn it into a workhorse guitar that can do everything and anything needed. But I need some ideas on how it could be improved and/or opinions on what I want to do.

So far it's is pretty standard. Shaller Strap locks has been the only change.

I have ordered Seymour Duncan triple shot rings which I will be getting fitted.
Another thing I have wanted to get it a trem for it. But I I not want to have to drill holes into the body. So I have seen the Stetsbar Pro 2 and the Floyd Rose FRX would work. But I do not know which would be better.

The last thing was if there were any other suggested upgrades.

Thank you.
if you get the triple shots there is one sound that the triple shots cannot do called out of phase, luckily this is an easy upgrade, you can do it with a switch or push pull.

firstly the tuners have to go
grover , schaller ,gotoh or sperzel are 4 options
I never cared for gibson tuners

the nut to also improve tuning stability
graphtech tusq , bone or brass

I found the hotter the pickups them ore you appreciate the sounds of the triple shots as you work your way down a ladder for resistance in a pickup. Say for example lets pick on a JB
series (full power) -16k
coilsplit - 8k
parallel - 4k
of course these numbers are approximate , but the lower the resistance the weaker the sound, so with a JB parallel makes sense more than on a say 57 classic or a medium output pickup.

tone knob options you have a few ideas
torres mids scoop / boost - you keep the knob at 5, one side breathes more life into the guitar , the other side around 1 makes it sound dull, both can be useful. This ones cheap to make too.

fender greasebucket - it provides more clarity and is great at high gain settings, I really like this with high output humbuckers with lots of treble.

many active alternatives exist like the EMG Afterburner , the ones by artec and so forth

copper shielding for clarity in the guitar , it's the best 3$ people will ever spend

you can also get bridges with piezo pickups in it for true acoustic tones, but I'm not sure if you'd need to drill a second input jack.

tremolo wise , it's entirely up to you. another option is the Kahler Hybrid. The kahler is what the floyd rose FRX is ripping off (in my humble opinion) , both go up and down for the bar, both lock, i think the kahler is actually cheaper and you have many options. If you do go with a tremolo get either locking tuners (some forums would suggest) or a locking nut, but putting a locking nut on the guitar means if you plan to re-sell it'll attract a lot of tire kickers who will try to get a smoking hot deal.
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What do you think is missing from the guitar that you feel it really needs? What do you want to make it sound like? What kind of amp are you running this guitar through? As ultimately that matters a whole lot more if versatility is what you want.

I'd get new tuners if you want to make your guitar look a bit different or make it a bit faster to restring, but you're not really going to improve the guitar's tuning stability by changing them. I'd also be mindful as to what kind of tuners that are going to go on the guitar affecting its balance. SG's have neck dive problems and heavy tuners only make the problem worse. If tuning stability is actually a problem, either file the nut out or replace it.

As for a new bridge, the Floyd FRX is a potential thing to add, but I'm skeptical as to how well it actually works as hardly anybody owns one and they're very expensive. Plus it ruins the aesthetics of the guitar in my opinion. I wouldn't get a Statsbar or a Bigsby as they just don't have anywhere near the range of motion or the tuning stability of a Floyd. And in my mind, a vibrato bridge that doesn't stay in tune is not worth having.
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