Hi there fellow musicians!

I approach you all as a rather newer guitar player, newer in a sense that I have not exactly played a lot of different guitars, but have played enough to have a sense of what I desire for my play style. However, I'm not exactly sure what might be the best choice (or even financially strategic choice if you will) for my play style and my budget.

For my playing style, I really enjoy the metal scene, and deeper than that, very progressive technical playing. I frequently listen to progressive metal bands such as Between the Buried and Me and The Safety Fire, but I also have a soft spot for bluesy songwriter play styles. With the questions I've asked my musician friends, they've kind of pointed me in the direction of Gibson and Fenders for their fretboard mobility and healthy sound, and even more specific, the metal fret pins that separate the frets; they followed up with saying how they seem to be a nuisance sometimes with mobility. So I am a bit stumped here.

Of course, I have given much thought and consideration to Ibanez ' RG series, however they have exactly what my buddies say to try and stay away from. Same thing with ESP and Schecters.

I seek more advice, so I come to you!! Any info on structural details is most appreciated, I am an overly eager learner.