hey guys i need ur help
someone need to tab me dis song
i already asked the guy about the tab he give it but in other way i couldn't understand what he means
"G4 then open B (same note but they sound slightly different) 3 times thenG4, B2, B3, B2 then I hold the shape 3rd finger on G4, index finger B2 and play strings G, E, G, B, E, B, G, E, G, B and repeat (I think) but with slightly different timing finishing on G4, B2, B3 Bopen and then back to start. I might have that slightly wrong, but this will at least give you the right notes and most of the time your fingers stay in the same position except for the B string notes."
all i need guys is a conversion from his text to a tab version
He's referring to the strings in E Standard. By 'G4' he means 4th fret, 3rd string. That would be a B. B2 means 2nd fret, 2nd string, which is C#.

That dude explained it really poorly.
Stay in school, kids. Written language is the cornerstone of communication even in/especially in this digital age.