Might be worth checking out this jazz group. No amps, no acoustic drums (in this video), everything fed to the board. It allows them to practice practically in a closet, and yet everything sounds very talent-driven.


Same group outdoors, with everyone wearing some kind of headphones and no amps in sight.

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I like things... I have a snowmobile from the late 1960s... do I neeed it? Of course not, I usually ride my old mans Yamaha, but... I like it. I like it a lot.
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They will probably need a big amp later when they all go deaf from the headphones
I like 90 watts and three channels ..... but will use 50 watts with three channels on small venue's
Good for them.

I like my all-tube halfstack. Sometimes a bigger hammer is just what the job calls for.
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Yeah, need is a funny word. I mean, music itself is not really a "need" essential to survival, so getting into the needs of musicians is already a bit... I don't know, unrealistic? It just seems like an odd thing to talk about it in terms of what one needs when it comes to something that is so personal and up to interpretation.

Of course I'm of the opinion that for live applications what these guys are doing is fine. I don't really see why anyone would need a big amp anymore but you (Dspellman) have made that point before.

When it comes down to it, amps, particularly big loud ones, are cool. Not at all practical, not convenient, but they are cool.

Edit: just wanted to add those guys were pretty sick. I dig the keys, tasty.
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At that rate you can just use a preamp pedal and DI like everyone else I guess.

For me: Dual Rec into a 2x12 is enough. On bass usually a quality 1x12 cab works for most bands but I pull out 4x10(2x) for the br00ts. A Tiny Terror into a good 1x12 is sufficient for many situations too.
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How much amp do we need

Enough to get the sound you want. If that's from an amp or DI then so be it.
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