its interesting, but i don't know how practical.

$40 to include the shipping for one at a time deal.

this is my argument, its easy to snipe pedals. most (if not every) pedal i have sold i haven't lost money on. so i am looking at this like i could buy a pedal i want, if i don't like it, i could sell it back to reverb, etc. AND take a $40 hit once a month. to keep things even (if done once a month).

i would still buy/flip/sellm etc, and at least they would be mine if i wanted them.

thats just me though.
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It is a super neat idea, and for pedal-demoers it can be necessary. I would sign up but I do not care enough and I really dislike the inconvenience of shipping stuff back.

+1 to Trashed. If you know how to buy and re-sell it is just as good as a rental service.
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My thoughts as well... neat idea for those that want to test out all of the, lets say, muff clones, but not or me. I want all the muffs.
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I want all the muffs.

*sigh* Don't we all?

I could see how this would be great for people who do reviews for pedals and want to A/B them. Otherwise I think it might just be a pain in the butt.
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That could be a cool idea, but you should think about it first. $40/month is $480/year. Do you lose more than that much per year buying and selling pedals to find the right one? If so, this could be the solution.

You also need to know if they have all the pedals you want, and if you can get them quickly. Maybe they might only have ONE Dunlop Crybaby and someone else has it right now.

You should also consider distance from they distribution center. If they are in California and you're in Florida, you could be looking at 2 weeks before getting a new pedal after sending the old one back. That's $20 down the drain every time you ship a pedal back.

I'm not saying this wont work, but I would definitely look into it more before signing up.
seems like a gimmick.

just save that cash and buy pedals that you can keep/resell.
I can't see the logic behind it. A lot of pedals are under £100 so, for a couple of months rent, you will have them for life. If you find a pedal you love are you going to keep renting it month after month?

Now if it were a lease purchase arrangement, where, If you like the pedal, you then pay to keep it, that might be good but I'm still not convinced.

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