I'm have an opportunity to pick up one of these for $50. It's well used but works fine. Opinions on this as a practice amp?
nice practice amp, i would go for it (not knowing your preference though).

they have pretty nice clean and low gain tones, and are pretty sweet overall.

for $50 it would be hard to lose. worst case you resell it. you probably wouldn't be losing money.
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Excellent amp & seems like a price that's too good to be true (compared to UK equivalent prices).

When that's the case, it often is. Make sure you test it before handing over any money.
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I would buy it without a doubt! I had one and regretted getting rid of it.
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I would buy it in a heartbeat for that price, or even double that price! If you search on Google you can find the exact amps it models in each setting, IIRC it models 33 (30 real amps and 3 they made up). They can't legally tell you which non-Vox amps they model, but people on the forums have made charts. I particularly like the Fender Twin Reverb, Dumble Overdrive Special, and Vox AC30 models. It does an amazing job modeling clean amps and decently well modeling crunchy amps. I compared the JCM2000 channel to my actual JCM 2000 with the same settings, and I was very impressed with how close it gets.
I tried one out recently and it's nice. It didn't have the edge I wanted for a more metal-geared sound, but the settings were easy enough to figure out. Guitar Center has used ones for around $150, so for comparison, that's a real bargin.
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justinguitar.com is the answer
I tried one in a shop before,Only clean but i was very pleasently surprised at how good it sounded.Sounds like a steal.Try it out first though.