I made holiday CDs and gave them away as holiday presents this year to my friends and family. I haven't done any real holiday shopping . I have to do a little bit .
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I have my UG secret santa shopping done.....that's it so far
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I've heard that term. Does that mean giving gifts anonymously for the holiday?
fuck no I never know what to give

money give money it's appreciated more than anything I think
Yes. Times are hard so my family decided to pitch all their money in for one nice gift per person rather than individually for each one.

As for me for my parents, yes. Started and finished just 3 days ago. Except for the iTunes giftcard my mom wants but that's nothing.

My dad still hasn't gotten anything for my mom yet. In fact, he asked me to help. :/
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well shit I'm going back to my parents' in 2 weeks and I haven't bought anything. broke af because I'm an unpaid intern D:
I haven't even started
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40 liters of wine in production, gonna be a hell of a christmas
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no one's getting anything from me because i'm still paying off what i spent last year and i don't have a job right now.


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40 liters of wine in production, gonna be a hell of a christmas

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40 liters of wine in production, gonna be a hell of a christmas

I assume we're all invited?
My family doesn't celebrate any gift-giving holidays besides Deepavali and birthdays, so my holiday shopping is just whatever I bought for myself over the previous weekend. I did get a book for my boyfriend but I'm really tempted to read it firdt so if I do I'll get him something else too.
Nope, but that's what amazon is for.

Haven't done Christmas shopping in person for years. Fuck that noise.
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